Lakshita are premier online luxury fashion stores. The company wanted to sharpen their campaign plans by finding smarter ways to target their audience and allocate budgets. In order to do this the fashion ecommerce store decided to use people based measurement tools rather than just traditional cookies to gain much deeper insights to their customers path to purchase and in turn allocate media budgets accordingly.


Lakshita needed a website to reflect its position as a true pioneer in online shopping. So we created a beautiful ecommerce website allowing visitors to book courses and purchase products online. Simply, conveniently and securely. A pioneer in online shopping in their field, Lakshita focus on providing a wide range of indo western, ethnic, and western clothing for women.

Lakshita wanted to better understand the ROI of media investments on mobile. More specifically which mobile ads effectively drive ad recall and, which ads drive people to buy their products.

To accommodate Lakshita's needs, we had to consider more than the visuals and frontend development: we had to incorporate a series of plugins and software tools into the backend. For instance, we used Administrate for effective course management, combining it with WooCommerce and SagePay. This considered combination of backend systems enabled our developers and design team to effectively bridge the gap between a beautifully designed website with a clear UX, and flawless functionality.

By fully understanding the path to purchase, they found out which channels they were overinvested in and were able to make smart adjustments. We help them 29% increase in sales attribution, 60% uplift in sales attributed to mobile, Discovered 38% of all conversions included a mobile ad or interaction along the way, 16% of all conversions took place on a mobile.

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